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Are you currently accepting new patients?

Yes we are. All of our patients enter the practice by signing up for either a four-month or six-month wellness program to build a solid foundation of wellness for years to come. These programs are not covered by insurance.

You can call our office to register for a free informational session on our programs to determine which will be best for you unique situation.

What is a Well Life Wellness Program?

Our Well Life wellness programs are designed to get you back to feeling like you.

We’ve discovered there is a much better way to create health and wellness than just visiting your physician when you’re sick. Our programs use functional and integrative medicine to look into complex medical histories in search of the root causes behind your symptoms. Our medical detective work will guide you on the path to unlock optimal health and make self-honoring choices to support getting well and gaining the tools and education to stay well long into the future. And we keep you on track with testing, regular one-on-one visits and educational classes to guide you along the way.
These unique 4-6 month programs are designed specifically for people who are ready to make big changes, and want the support and guidance of a team of experts to make it happen. Our Wellness Programs are more than just doctor visits; they are an approach to managing your health that puts a team of medical experts in your corner. Programs also include a one-year membership to the Well Integrative Family Medicine practice for as-needed visits after completing your program. These programs are provided through our subsidiary Well Life and are not covered by insurance.

Why do I need a wellness program?

Everyone has different reasons for needing help with their health. Are you struggling to lose weight? Are you failing to manage stress? Have long-term medical issues that have been baffling your physician? Do you wish you had more energy throughout the day? Would you like to decrease or possibly even stop taking prescription medications?

Dr. Weiler’s Well Life wellness programs are designed to address the underlying causes of these types of problems. Instead of focusing on individual symptoms, the wellness programs look for underlying  causes and teach you about the fundamental pillars of health that will support your long-term health goals. You will learn how to make healthy choices every day that will contribute to your overall well-being. And you will see how your new healthy lifestyle will help you reach the wellness you seek- for the rest of your life.

How is Well Integrative Family Medicine different from other medical practices?

Dr. Weiler has received the Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner credential from The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and is also board-certified in family medicine.  She is one of the few Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners who will see patients as their primary care physician. Well is an innovative wellness and membership practice using functional and integrative tools providing thoughtful, relationship-oriented medical care. We begin by taking a deep dive into your medical history, lifestyle, and current symptoms to help you get well and stay well.

At Well our highly trained staff is unhurried, listens to you, and focuses on you/your child’s unique needs. We offer longer visits, guaranteed availability, counseling for healthy lifestyles, a state of the art paperless office and other customized services including nutrition counseling and lifestyle counseling. This contrasts with most other medical practices that don’t provide these services and where each doctor routinely sees over 25 patients per day. We see only 8 patients a day on average and spend a minimum of 20 minutes per visit with each patient.

Our approach combines the best of conventional, functional, and integrative medicine, addressing not only physical symptoms but also psychological, social, environmental, and spiritual aspects of health and illness. We believe in stimulating the innate human capacity for healing, while teaming with patients an d parents to provide safe and effective choices for you or your child’s care.

Why is Well Integrative a membership practice?

By operating as a membership practice we are able maintain a more appropriate practice size, offering each patient more of our time and the highest level of individualized attention that they deserve without overbooking. This allows us to operate our practice efficiently and provide a more thoughtful care experience to our patients.

We believe it is our responsibility to help you prevent disease and stay healthy in addition to caring for you when you are ill. This means providing proactive, individualized attention to your health and wellness needs, and giving you quick, convenient access to your doctor when you need it.

What is an open access membership fee?

Each new patient joins the practice via a program which includes a free year of open access membership, beginning at the end of their program. The annual renewal fee is $400 for an adult, $300 for a single child and $800 for families of 3 or more individuals. Monthly payments are also available. This allows us to keep the practice small and offer open access to our members under most circumstances, which means we will be able to see you for a sick visit either on the day of your request or within three business days. Additionally, the membership provides direct access to a Well professional, answers to brief non-urgent email questions at no additional cost, and a discount on all in-stock supplements, among other benefits.

This membership fee is a small fraction of the cost of “concierge medicine” programs that many other top physicians are implementing — we feel our approach is a much better value for our patients.

Do you take insurance?

Our membership practice is an “out of network” provider for most major health insurance plans.

How “out of network” works: You will not have a co-pay. We simply ask for payment upon completion of the visit in the form of Visa, Mastercard, cash, or debit card. Prior to leaving our office we provide you with insurance specific paperwork so that you may seek reimbursement directly from your insurer.

Our Well Life wellness programs are not covered by insurance.

Will my PPO insurer reimburse me for the cost of office visits?

In most cases, yes. While we cannot guarantee a specific reimbursement rate, many of our patients with PPOs report their health insurer reimburses 60-80% of the amounts we charge for our services (after any applicable deductibles have been met). Most insurers classify us as an “out of network” provider. HMO insurance will not typically cover our services, which is why most of our patients have or obtain PPO health insurance. (See Why do I need health insurance? for more information about PPOs.)

Are lab tests covered?

In the membership practice, your PPO often overs the cost of lab tests and other studies as if they had been ordered by an “in network” physician. We suggest that you check with your insurer or your employer’s HR department, as each plan varies.

In our Well Life wellness programs, comprehensive testing is included in the overall cost of the program.

What is the procedure for getting reimbursed by my insurer?

We try to make it as easy as possible for our members by generating an insurance specific claim form (something like a cover letter which requires basic information and can be filled out once and copied) which you submit along with our billing receipt (called a superbill) to your insurer. The average insurance carrier will often reimburse (once deductibles are met) within 2-4 weeks of receiving paperwork submitted.

Our Well Life wellness programs are not covered by insurance.

Won’t you get too busy and wind up being difficult to reach like most other doctors?

No. The average solo physician has over 2000 patients and sees more than 120 patients per week, but we won’t practice like that. We consciously closed our practice to all but wellness program patients as of July 1, 2016 to limit our practice size because our primary goal is to offer the highest quality medical care to our patients.

How can I join the practice?

All of our new patients enter the practice via a wellness program. Please view the video on the “Programs” page or contact our office at 773-784-7000 to sign up for an interview with Dr. Weiler to help you decide which of our wellness programs will be best for you.

How are appointments scheduled?

If you are an existing membership patient, you may arrange an appointment by calling us at 773-784-7000 or schedule your visit via our online portal. During our regular weekday business hours, we allocate a portion of appointments each day for our established patients to visit us within hours or a few days of their request, depending on their needs. This eliminates having to plan weeks in advance or to reschedule because of unanticipated conflicts.

What happens if I get sick or my child is sick outside of regular business hours?

We provide after-hours access to physician support for our members. Because we know our patients well and calls are answered by a physician, we can respond to your concerns personally and thoughtfully addressing your immediate concern.

What if I need or my child needs hospitalization or specialist care?

At Well, we work with many of Chicago’s finest hospitals. If you or your child need hospitalization, Dr. Weiler will maintain contact with your hospital team. Upon discharge, we provide seamless follow up.

Dr Weiler will arrange for adult or pediatric specialty care if it is needed. We routinely consult with adult and pediatric specialists at many Chicago area hospitals and medical centers, including Swedish Covenant Hospital, Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Lurie Children’s Hospital and Rush Medical Center among many others.