Tell us about yourself

In your consultation with Dr. Weiler, she will take the time to discuss your history and carefully listen to your questions and concerns. We want to know you as a whole person, not just rush through a list of your symptoms.


We’ll go on a health discovery journey

Using Functional Medicine we’ll work together to find out what’s been holding you back from optimum health and provide coaching in the 5 areas of wellness. We go deep to seek the root cause, then address it.


It’s time to get well

Together we’ll put your wellness plan into action and create the vibrant health you seek. Our proven programs combine traditional, Integrative, and Functional medicine to help you live your best life by gaining the tools to get well and stay well.

Everything we do is designed to help you Get Well, Stay Well, Be Well

  • A modern, evidence-based approach using Functional and Integrative Medicine
  • Wellness programs that make it easy for you to reach exceptional health and wellness
  • Affordable program and membership fees and per-visit charges
  • A personalized level of attention and care
  • In-depth attention to chronic conditions, food sensitivities, allergies
  • We don’t rush to prescribe
  • Appointments are 2-3 longer than the national average
  • Priority sick visits when you’re ill
  • Respect for your time and no over-scheduling of appointments


What we offer

  • Comprehensive health and wellness programs that engage you on all levels and deliver positive results
  • Functional and Integrative medicine, collaborating with you to create a realistic and achievable plan for getting and staying well
  • An old-fashioned relationship with your doctor and true collaboration for important healthcare decisions

What we believe

  • You are the key to improving your health and you can choose to start that change today
  • Increased wellness will help you feel better than you ever imagined
  • Committment creates change, and you’re much more likely to reach your wellness goals when you commit to yourself

What we ask of you

  • As a participant of the Well Programs, you will co-create your health with Dr. Weiler and our team
  • Your commitment to both Dr. Weiler and to yourself is to be an active partner in this journey, to act in ways that promote health and well being, and to accept responsibility for your overall health
  • Let us help you Get Well, Stay Well, and Be Well

Who chooses Well?

  • Patients who are looking for a transformational approach to healthcare and are seeking a physician certified in Functional Medicine by IFM, the Institute for Functional Medicine.
  • Those ready to make a commitment to their health by enrolling in a wellness program with Dr. Weiler, addressing health and wellness on both physical and behavioral levels. Commitment creates change, and those committing to themselves through coaching are much more likely to succeed and reach their goals.
  • People who want optimum health and wellness — they know wellness is so much more than just being “not sick”. Those who must maintain vibrant health because of their high levels of responsibility and achievement. They can’t take downtime, and know they can create charge by making wellness a priority. They are willing to take action and seek a partner to help them to get well, stay well, and take health to the next level.
  • Patients with chronic conditions who have “fallen through the cracks” of the standard medical system. They have visited multiple physicians over a period of months or years, but their health has not improved enough to truly make them “feel well”. This practice gives them hope that they will someday be well again.
  • Parents who want thoughtful, whole healthcare for their children. Dr. Weiler recommends nutritional counseling and toxicant avoidance as appropriate for children. She also generally supports vaccinations for children. She embraces a combination of conventional care with complementary therapies, resulting in a more holistic approach to caring for her young patients. These parents are also open to trying diet and lifestyle changes to help their kids rather than expecting an antibiotic as an essential for each sick visit. Looking at the complete picture of the a child’s health; monitoring growth, treating illness, achieving wellness with a strong emphasis on preventive care through lifestyle and diet.